Jul 14, 2017

In our recent newsletter, we talked about the commitment that we’ve made to the 2 Second Lean program here in our company. It’s been exciting to see how people have embraced the idea of continuous improvement, and we’ve been making videos to record some of the ways we’ve applied lean principles to our office and shop areas!


This before-and-after video shows one of our first big improvements based on the 2 Second Lean principles. Does your company have a supply or storage closet that’s become a collection area for assorted stuff that doesn’t have a home anywhere else? Justin will walk you through the improvements we made, and you’ll be able to see how this got turned from a room-sized junk drawer into a useful work and storage space.



As you can see, we’ve applied 2 Second Lean tools like labeling items, marking where things should be stored, and posting pictures of what the area should look like. It’s shined, sorted, and standardized, and there will be no more rummaging around to find the mop bucket or the paper towel rolls. It was a big project but it’s now a big time-saver.


In this video, you’ll see a messy tool box in the grinding area with everything thrown in together. You’ll also see how it gets turned into an example of a 2 Second Lean improvement. Instead of a pile of tools and supplies, we now have a perfectly organized cart.



With a clearly labeled spot for every tool, wheel, and other supplies, this cart can be moved to wherever in the work area someone needs it. No more wasted steps from people walking back and forth to get the tools they need. Tools get returned to their proper location, and it’s easy to see if you’re running out of wheels or belts. This 2 Second Lean project is just one example of the continuous improvement that’s been happening all over the shop.


Check out our YouTube channel to see all our 2 Second Lean improvement videos. Make sure you don’t miss the before-and-after video from our own famous “Good Luck with That” Charlie!