2 Methods to Extract Welding Smoke from Your Metalworking Facility

Jan 19, 2016

Imperial Systems helps you find the best dust collector system for your manufacturing facility.

Welding smoke and fumes in metalworking pose a significant risk to personnel and to the facility if not addressed in an effective manner.  While the recommended approach for controlling smoke and fumes depends on the process each facility uses, a successful solution always includes local containment and source capture.   Imperial Systems helps leaders in the metalworking industry to extract welding smoke before it becomes an active hazard in their buildings.

extract welding smokeSmoke and dust extraction is an integral component of metalworking and manufacturing safety. Below are some of the most common techniques employed in metalworking applications to extract welding smoke:

Local Containment

Local containment isolates the welding and metalworking processes from the rest of the site while protecting the contained area, such as a partitioned area that is maintained under negative pressure. The extracted air can either be pulled directly into a collector that incorporates a hood or routed through ductwork to a remote dust collector. In some cases, the filtered air can be recycled to create a push-pull airflow pattern which helps to extract welding smoke even further.

Source Capture

The most effective method to extract welding smoke, source capture extracts contaminants at or near their generation point.  Source capture is the most effective means of control and requires the least amount of energy to achieve. It can be accomplished through utilizing fume extraction arms or local fixed hoods on the grinding machines.

At Imperial Systems, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality, safety, and value in each one of our products.  This means that we aim to design and manufacture solutions that metalworkers like you can rely on.  By using Imperial Systems DeltaMAXX™ filters with the CMAXX™ Dust Collector system and its EvenLock Technology, you can help extract welding smoke while also enjoying the following benefits to your business:

  • Protected and improved worker health and job satisfaction
  • OSHA & EPA regulation compliance
  • Increased productivity
  • Energy conservation and financial savings
  • Improved quality in parts and production
  • Extended life of your machinery
  • Reduced housekeeping needs and costs

If your facility is at risk from dusts, fumes, or other flammable materials, contact Imperial Systems today at 800.918.3013.